Parent Partnership Program

At CleverStuff Educational Toys, we know how hard it can be to continue to provide high quality toys for the children in your care. In response to this, we have introduced a program that allows the parents and friends to help with your fundraising! Together with your business, we will begin a Parent Partnership Program, and 20% of all sales made by the parents and friends of your centre will result in a store credit for you to use on ANYTHING you want in the CleverStuff Store!

  • No cost
  • 20% of all sales go BACK TO YOU IN STORE CREDIT
  • Parents have access to the toys you have
  • Happy kids at school, playgroup and home!

It’s as simple as can be! When a parent or friend orders online, they simply put your company name in the comments section, at the end of the promotion period (typically 6 weeks) we calculate the total sales and provide you with a gift card to use in the store! Both you AND your valued community get great new toys to enjoy!

If you would like to get started with the program please let us know!
Give Bec a call on 1300 552 500 or email at