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Okay, you're probably wondering where all the products are right? Well, I have been trying for months and months to create a way to shop by age. The problem I have is that it is proving VERY difficult! All our toys grow WITH your child

I have tried my hardest to group together some toys to help you out though





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They are educational. They GROW with your child. Unless it has small pieces, let your child play with toys above their age range with you, show them how to do a puzzle that is harder than they can manage, cultivate that desire to learn

My son, CleverKid, plays with toys that he had when he was a baby (like his rattle and a mirror book) as well as toys that are far too advanced for him (like our EQ toy range which he can't put together himself, but still enjoys using the pieces as building blocks or asking me to build them!). I find it REALLY hard to put an age recommendation on our toys.

If you are struggling to decide if a toy will suit your loved one give me a call on 1300552500 or drop me an email at and I will be more than happy to help you work out where to look and give you some recommendations based on their interests and skills (I could talk about toys all day!). 


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