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Artist Palette Puzzle

Wooden Colourful Puzzle for Toddlers

What a fantastic and colourful wooden puzzle that will be the perfect way to learn the names of colours, as well as completing the fun puzzle with the individually paint blotch shaped pieces. 

A brilliant colourful set that includes 18 colour spots as well as the handy paint palette. This puzzle will wonderfully support the development of your child’s problem solving, colour recognition and fine motor skills.

The Artist Palette Puzzle consists of a palette shaped base and 18 paint colour shaped pieces that fit into only 1 of each of the spots. The names of each colour are also printed in the corresponding place on the base of the puzzle - which will assist with letter and word recognition as well. 

Size : Approximately 25.5cm x 19cm for the puzzle base, 6cm for the longest and 3.5cm for the shortest puzzle piece with a thickness of 1cm.

Made with FSC Plywood and MDF.

Age : 3 years + 


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