Balancing Swing Space Game

Wooden Educational Balancing Board Game for Children

Who will be able to balance the space platform after you add the figurines? This skill game is fun to play both on your own or in a group - which will help with patience and turn taking. 

The set includes a swinging play base circle platform with painted space theme, 9 planets, 3 aliens, 1 robot, 1 alien UFO ship, 1 rocket, 1 astronaut and 1 meteorite.  Children must place the blocks so that the disk remains stable - don't let the piece fall!

Balancing games will introduces kids to the concept of balance - how changing the position of the pieces might make it all topple over. It will take quick thinking to put all the figures on the structure without letting them fall.

This Wooden Balancing Game will help your child develop logical thinking and spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, imagination and can even teach them to recognise colours and shapes. By playing together, kids will improve their communication skills and turn taking abilities. 

Phew! So much fun when you BLAST OFF with this toy!

Age : 3 years + 

All Viga Toys are made of non-toxic paints and inks fully compliant with (or over) the latest EN71, ASTM, ST & GB6675 toy safety standards. 

Made in China and distributed to over 60 countries around the globe.