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Colourful Wooden Bead Set

Wooden Open Ended Threading Block Toy for Toddlers

What a stunning activity set this is! Either use the cards to copy the pattern of colours or shapes. With sticks and lacing strings, the choice is your child. Learn about sizes, patterns, colours and copying all while developing those much needed fine motor skills. 

This brilliant set includes 68 pieces - 6 double sided cards to match, 3 rods, 3 strings and many, MANY colourful wooden beads to lace and thread. 

Age : 3 years + 

Size of the box : 25cm x 4.5cm x 30cm

Size of beads (approx.) : 3cm x 2.5cm x 2.5cm 

Length of rod : 18cm 

Made in China. 


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