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Remember how fascinating it was the first time you saw a bug under a magnifying glass? Or how annoyed you were when trying to look through a microscope that promised massive magnification but all you could see was a dark blur? We've found a microscope with the ease of use of a magnifying glass AND the really big magnification levels: The My First Lab Duo Scope.
Featuring two LED light sources, it allows your curious junior scientist to view transparent slides lit from below AND three dimensional objects lit from above. Add to that the more than 50 accessories, and your child can collect and view such a wide variety of subjects that they'll be searching high and low, indoors and out for new specimens to examine.
Uses 3 AA batteries, but as it uses LED lights, very little power is needed.

Microscope features:
  • 10x eyepiece  
  • 4x, 10x, 40x objectives  
  • 40x, 100x and 400x magnification  
  • real optical glass lenses  
  • dual focusing knobs  
  • 2 LED lights above and below

Kit inludes these accessories: 5 blank slides, 1 concavity (well) slide, 4 prepared slides, 2 bottles of stain, forceps, scalpel, plastic test tube, plastic Petri dish, and much more!