Magnetic Alphabet Book

A fun way to learn the alphabet with magnetic letters and eye catching graphic pop outs that capture a child's imagination and letter/word associations.
Each page of The magnetic alphabet book is made of thin wooden pages to ensure the letters and graphics are easily stored and last a long time.
Age: 1 year and up
Good For:
  • Hand & eye Coordination (Sticking the letters and graphics onto a metal surface)
  • Manual Dexterity (Fitting the detachable pieces back into the pages is almost like a mini puzzle)
  • Language skills (Letter and word association, especially when used verbally with an older sibling or adult)
  • Independent play skills.
  • Promoting self-esteem and confidence in children by organizing stimulating play activities and empowering them with choices (Pulling the pieces out, placing them on a metal object and placing them back in the book - having selected the correct pages to insert the letters/graphics back into)



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