Melody Mix - Pastel Coloured

Eco-Friendly Wooden Musical Toy for Toddlers and Kids

This toy comes with 10 instrumental toys for exploring the world of sound and music: xylophone, drum, tubular chimes, triangle, cymbal, bells, maracas, castanet, double guiro, and pair of rhythm sticks plus 2 strikers and 1 scraper. Produced from sustainable rubber wood and finished with non toxic child safe paints and lacquers.

This toy is not a musical instrument.  It’s manufactured using sustainable rubberwood which cannot be tuned to generate perfect pitch. Unfortunately the only way to replicate consistent, pitch-perfect, tonal qualities in a wooden product is to make it using hardwood.  However this sort of timber is often harvested from tropical rainforests in a unsustainable way which we’re very reluctant to encourage or endorse. We prefer to stock sustainable and ethically sourced timber toys. 

Age : 3 years + 


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