Pastel Number Matching Puzzle

Wooden Educational Matching Puzzle for Children

This puzzle consists of 20 coloured pieces - 10 with numbers and 10 with different animals in different sized groups. On the back are train carriages with animals and numbers for you to put in order. 

The way for your child to play is to correctly connect the puzzle pieces so that the number and matches with the group of animals in the same size. Or make a train of cars with descending or ascending numbers - practise counting up and down! 

This puzzle will help your child learn a wide range of skills such as ​​numbers, the concept of quantity or size, develops mathematical abilities such as counting and logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. 

PolarB wooden toys are made with the best quality wood and are designed in a lovely soft and gentle colour palette. 

Age : 18 months + 

All Viga Toys are made of non-toxic paints and inks fully compliant with (or over) the latest EN71, ASTM, ST & GB6675 toy safety standards. 

Made in China and distributed to over 60 countries around the globe.