Rainbow Nesting Bowls with Eggs

Wooden Educational Open Ended Play Set for Children

Learn all the colours of the rainbow in a fun and engaging way with this beautifully colourful Rainbow Nest set. Absolutely perfect for sorting, matching and colour recognition made slightly more challenging by having many shades of each colour - start a discussion about how the pieces are all green, but slightly different. 

There wooden nests and balls are also a great tool for open-ended play, or you could even  set up more structured learning experiences that involve colour naming, sorting and even simple counting, all while you practice those fine motor skills as they sort and select the right colours for each bowl.

Children will be drawn to all the colourful fun they can have with this one.

This set consists of 30 eggs representing a variety of shades and colours of the rainbow. The corresponding nest bowls provide the perfect place to pit the eggs The bowls are also stackable, adding more learning possibilities to the play as you build a tower. 

  • 36 pieces in each set.
  • Made with FSC hugar wood and eucalyptus wood

Size of bowls (approx.) :  11cm diameter x 5cm tall 

Size of egg : 4.5 x 3cm 

Age : 12 months + 

Designed in Australia - Made in PRC