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Rainbow Rattle with Beads

This Rainbow Rattle with Beads is a wonderful clutching toy - and we all know how important rattles and clutching toys are when in the hands of little babies. When you give your child a rattle to hold, you are helping to trigger and therefore develop the grasp reflex - which leads to their ability to hold things in their hands and develop hand muscles. The beads rattling against the base will add an extra level of interest for your child - and to top it off, this set is such a stunning, soft rainbow that it will be loved by parents and bubs alike. 

HEIMESS soft colours: For the sake of the children and the environment we use only water-based paints for our high-quality toys and dispense with clear varnish containing solvents. This may result in traces of usage due to mechanical friction. The glazing of the beads leaves the fine structure of the wood visible.

Size : 10cm x 6cm x 6cm