Wooden Cut Out Flash Cards

If you're anything like me, you've created stencils for your child to go around and 'fill' in with colour, or trace through - it is great fun, until the stencil gets weak, breaks and tantrums follow! With multiple play styles; from hunting colours in the backyard, matching the shapes of the wooden cutouts and using them for tracing and outlines on paper - we know these amazing Flash Cards are going to quickly become favourites in your household too!

This set includes 16 wooden flash cards (each card is 9.3cm X 13cm) made from Australian sourced Californian Radita Pine.

Like all plyful products, this has been handmade on Mount Macedon using Australian sourced wood and elements finished in Western Australian Beeswax.

Size : 9.3cm x 13cm

Age : 3 years +