Wooden Pattern Blocks

Educational Open Ended Shapes Play Set for Children

Timeless table activity that is perfect for children older than 2. Presented in a wooden box for easy storage, and with 8 different pictures. A pre-school essential for your child or childcare centre.

Also known as our Build a Pic - no matter what you call it, we know your child will love it.

Includes over 50 pieces - 4 double sided boards, a tray and a whole bunch of tiles to create your own designs! 

Age : 3 years +

Size of tray : 33cm x 22cm x 4cm 

Size of boards : 19cm x 15cm 

Size of yellow hexagon : 4.5cm x 4.5cm 

Size of triangle : 2cm x 2cm 

Designed in Australia - Made in China


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