Wooden Sequence Beads

Wooden Educational Lacing and Threading Toy for Toddlers

This bead puzzle comes with laces, cards to duplicate and stands to thread the beads on to. It's a fantastic toy to introduce colours, shapes, sequences, patterns, counting, strengthen fine motor skills and develop language. PHEW! We're tired just listing all the amazing outcomes this toy helps to develop - imagine how much fun your child will have. 

Age : 3 years + 

Size of box : 33cm x 33cm x 4cm 

Approx size of beads : 2cm x 2cm x 2.5cm 

Length of rod : 30cm

All Viga Toys are made of non-toxic paints and inks fully compliant with (or over) the latest EN71, ASTM, ST & GB6675 toy safety standards. 

Made in China and distributed to over 60 countries around the globe.


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