Wooden Train Set (40 pce)

This lovable Wooden Train Set is definitely among the most perfect children's wooden toys as they will adore creating their own train scenes by arranging the 40 piece set.

Mums and Dads will also enjoy sharing play time with their children, helping them arrange the railway tracks or making the wooden train travel over them. This Wooden Train Set offers hours on end of imaginative entertainment, and it has always ranked amongst our most popular children's wooden toys.

The 40 pieces of this Wooden Train Set invite children to indulge in their own mind travel as they can create long railway tracks and put the decorating elements along the way so the train passengers can enjoy them.
The Wooden Train Set is made from solid beech timber to ensure an excellent durability, even under the hardest using conditions.
Wooden trains have always been adorable children's wooden toys, and in many cases they are passed in the family from one generation to another. Do you still have yours from when you were little? If so, you will be happy to learn that you can share your own childhood toy with your child or grandchild as the Wooden Train Set is compatible with most other beech timber wooden train sets.

Age: 3 years +


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